Amazing family vacations: 5 reasons to choose arivia's villas

Family vacations in Santorini are a wonderful experience and an excellent opportunity to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. Family vacations are, therefore, always an excellent opportunity for bonding, having fun, and making memories. There is no better place to strengthen family bonds and embark on extraordinary adventures than an Arivia villa.

Why choose Santorini for family vacations?

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Santorini is the ideal destination for family vacations. Unique locales, breathtaking vistas, and enticing beaches will make you fall in love with the island.

To begin your journey, book a villa in Arivia. By choosing a villa in Arivia you have the chance to escape the crowds and enjoy the quiet side of the island or be situated at the heart of the island, overlooking the idyllic Aegean Sea.

5 reasons to consider Arivia Group for your next holiday

1. The kitchen
Each house has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare unique dishes with local ingredients. Also, this is the perfect chance to improve your cooking skills and make local dishes.

In Arivia kitchens, you will find everything you need to enjoy wonderful meals. What’s better than fresh cooked and traditional dishes to highlight your family vacations?

2. The pool
Many homes feature a vast and luxurious swimming pool where families can spend quality time together. Imagine being on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini with your family and enjoying quality time in the pool as the sun sets and the sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of orange, blue, and yellow.

3. Baby Gear
No matter which villa you choose, you will have access to exclusive, high-quality baby items. Our villas are completely familyfriendly, and we are confident that your family vacations will be remarkable. Moreover, by selecting our babysitting service, your family’s vacations will be enhanced.


Family Vacations: 5 reasons to choose arivia's villas
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4. Relaxing seats and beds
How could one relax on vacation without high-quality beds, couches, and chairs? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience of rest, relaxation, and sleep amidst our high-quality furnishings. Imagine, being able to read a book or take a midday nap on mattresses of exceptional quality.


5. Someone is at your disposal 24/7
Having someone with you on your trips is an enormous benefit. This is why we are here whenever you require our assistance. We can assist you with any complex or simple request and make your family vacations memorable. We vow to make your wish a reality and enhance your stay at our villas.

Family Vacations: 5 reasons to choose arivia's villas
family vacations sea

Organizing your next family vacation may be challenging, but we can help you unwind since our villas offer the abovementioned advantages. When you visit Santorini and by choosing Arivia Group, you’ll realize that it is the best place to create vacation memories and have unforgettable experiences.

If we could suggest three distinct villas for you and your family, they would be the following:

Book your dream villa here.


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