Santorini’s dining experience can be extraordinary. The food in Santorini can enrich your experience as great food can improve your holidays and make them distinctive and unique. This is what we take away from Santorini’s cuisine.

When visiting a foreign country, trying the local and national specialties is a must. Therefore, during your stay in Santorini, you should taste the authentic island cuisine and the variety of flavors and textures that define traditional Greek cuisine.

What food should you expect to try in Greece generally?

In Greece and Santorini, there is a wide variety of delicacies to sample, especially recipes from Mediterranean cuisine; Greece is a great place to begin tasting recipes from Mediterranean cuisine, as it is home to numerous restaurants serving dishes made with the region’s staple ingredient, olive oil.

Due to its proximity to Turkey, the long period of Turkish occupation, and other historical events, Anatolian cuisine has greatly influenced Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Instances of these cuisines are being combined everywhere.

Thus, visitors can anticipate a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean flavors. These elements are what make contemporary Greek cuisine so delicious. However, you can always taste international cuisines in big cities and islands, such as Italian, Japanese or French.

What about the food in Santorini?

Food & holidays: How Santorini can be the perfect destination that combines both

The food in Santorini is always combined with excellent local wine, offering euphoria and a delightful mood with its sweet palate tickling. You can learn more about the most famous wine of Santorini here. 

All the restaurants use high-quality ingredients sourced primarily from different parts of the country and the island itself. The food in Santorini is mainly traditional, combined with modern elements.

The food in Santorini is of the same high standard wherever you go, whether in the main town or one of the surrounding villages. While this is true, depending on where you stay, you can procure your ingredients from local markets and create local recipes by experimenting with different flavors and scents

For instance, if you stay in any villa of the Arivia Group (click here to book yours), you can cook your meals using fresh, local ingredients to fill your estate with enticing aromas and create your version of tasty Greek cuisine. 

A trip to Santorini is in and of itself a unique experience, enriched and culminates with the island’s culinary delights. These delicacies are distinguished primarily by the uncomplicated nature of their flavors, which, when combined appropriately, produce an incredible result.

Moreover, you can still participate in island food tours to taste the delicious food of Santorini. We at Arivia Group offer a specialized food tour so that you can sample unique Santorini flavors.

Food & holidays: How Santorini can be the perfect destination that combines both

What specialties does Santorini have?

As previously mentioned, the food in Santorini is based on local ingredients and Greek products, and it is full of identity, simplicity, and flavor.

Below are the eight island’s specialties that you should try when you arrive:

  • Tomato fritters 
  • Tomato Paste  
  • Garlic Pasta
  • Fresh Fish  
  • Melitinia
  • White Eggplant
  • Fava Beans Mash 
  • Apochti
  1. Tomato fritters 

Santorini tomatoes are world-famous since they taste unlike any other. And the locals of Santorini love to fry these unique tomatoes after dicing them with onion and mint and mixing them with flour. As a result, Santorini restaurants often offer tomato fritters as a tasty starter.

2. Tomato Paste  

A second dish incorporates the rare Santorini cherry tomato. Tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil of Santorini are prized for their sweetness and flavor despite requiring very little water throughout the growing process. In addition, because of its much thicker skin, this variety of tomatoes is often used to make tomato paste.

3. Garlic Pasta

Santorini’s unique pasta dish will please any garlic or pasta fan. Tomato is abundant in Santorini, and is also used in the making of the garlic pasta. Other pasta ingredients apart from garlic and tomatoes are salt and olive oil. A delicious dish that perfectly exemplifies the Mediterranean cooking style.

4. Fresh Fish  

Fresh fish is always on the menu at coastal Greek taverns. The same holds in Santorini as you can choose your fish from the catch of the day based on your personal preferences. Once the price is settled, and the fish is weighed, the customer waits for their fish to be grilled and served.

5. Melitinia

A sweet well-known in Santorini is Melitinia. Melitinia also circulates throughout the Cyclades with different names. This dessert is unlike the typical chocolate and sugarladen sweets we are accustomed to. Instead, it flirts with saltiness, is very fluffy, and you will not be able to eat just one as you will be captivated by its deliciousness. Its central ingredients are salted mizithra, yogurt, and mastic.

6. White Eggplant

The white eggplant is only cultivated in Santorini. Due to the morphology of the island’s soil, this eggplant lacks the bitterness of the traditional variety and is instead succulent and sweet. Similarly, many recipes with this particular eggplant exist on the island.

7. Fava Beans Mash 

This food is also known as Fava me Koukia. Mash fava beans, a popular appetizer in Santorini, are a simple preparation with a distinct flavor. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and premium olive oil elevate this dish to ultimate comfort food. When served with mashed fava beans, typical bread or pitta bread is a great accompaniment.

8. Apochti

If you are a meat or cold meat aficionado, Apochti is the snack that will drive you crazy on the island, as it is the Greek or Santorinian version of Carpaccio. Apochti is processed pork baked with salt, cinnamon, parsley, black pepper, and vinegar; it is as delicious as it sounds.

Food & holidays: How Santorini can be the perfect destination that combines both

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